• Associated Rubber & Mechanical
    Associated Rubber & Mechanical came to me looking for a simple online web presence. They didn't need to make frequent changes, so I designed and built their website using pure HTML and CSS. Sometimes, there's just no need for a whole platform.
  • Institute for Supply Management
    ISM-Utah needed a clean and professional look to present information about their organization. They also wanted to track a few different types of items. This project was based on Drupal, and I provided the theme development and some views development.
  • Events
    In addition to basic pages, ISM needed to be able to schedule events. They can also store files in a categorized resource database.
  • Jill Vanderwood
    Jill Vanderwood is a children's author who needed a website to showcase each of her books, as well as provide media contact information. Jill's website was built on simple HTML and CSS.
  • Drugs Make You Un-Smarter
    One of Jill's more recent books is Drugs Make You Un-Smarter. Each of Jill's books has its own website theme.
  • SC2Carrier
    SC2Carrier was a project whose main goal was to hone my skills with WordPress and learn to implement several new tools. In this regard, it succeeded, although it never took off as a popular website.
  • Directory
    The Directory was essentially an easy way to find articles most relevant to certain tags. The nature of StarCraft 2 is that most players will only be interested in content related to one of the three races, so this allowed viewers to easily find the most relevant information for them.
  • Pro Section
    The SC2Carrier website was originally intended to feature some paid content in the Pro section. Though the functionality to sell access to this content for a monthly recurring fee was designed, developed and tested, the content itself was never fully completed.
  • Utah SBDC
    Utah SBDC was coming from an old style design and wanted to modernize the look and make it easy for them to manage. The project was built on Drupal and I worked with other developers. I was responsible for front-end development, jQuery work, parts of the design, and some views development.
  • Location Page
    Individual locations each have a sub-page with slide show and content. Location managers have access to change and manage parts of their own page.
  • Business Recognition
    Previously Utah SBDC offered PDF downloads, but their new website allowed them to feature their business recognition spotlights directly on a web page. This has the benefit of being more convenient for the user as well as these pages being crawled by search engines. These are also very easy for their web managers to create and modify.
  • Warrant Pay
    National Court Services wanted to reduce the difficulty of the process of settling warrants. The Warrant Pay website saves time and resources by allowing officers and court officials to complete this process online from any remote location. My job was to develop their design into a functioning theme that would work on their systems.
  • Warrant Pay Process
    The process of filling out a warrant was made as easy as possible, and can be performed very quickly if one has all the information ready. Solid user experience often becomes extremely important when it comes to online forms.